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Your Wedding Day is the Launch of your Married Life!

April 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Never forget that your wedding day is the beginning of your married life. It can be the launch pad of a long life of cherishing, supporting and loving each other with all of your being. Too many brides and even some grooms get so wrapped up in the details of the wedding that they forget or are too stressed, to shower their beloved with love on their wedding day.

Guests watch to see whether the bride and groom will gently feed the wedding cake to each other with joy, or cram it into each other’s mouths. It’s an omen! As a bride, our culture has convinced you that it’s all about you on this day. Of course it is…to a degree. It’s also about the memories of this day that you are creating for your new husband or wife.

  How will he or she remember this milestone day of their lives? How you treat your beloved on your wedding day is how you will treat him or her during your marriage.  Make sure the day and your actions come from the love in your heart.  You’ll see that love reflected in your wedding photography too.

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Venue Inspiration

March 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Venue Inspiration!

Northeast Ohio is full of wonderful places for engagement and wedding photography. Here's a sample our clients have chosen.


DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro Cleveland Sign

DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro The Arcade in downtown Cleveland

DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro Pier W

Iza&George 2015Iza&George 2015 East Fourth Street

Cleveland Museum of Art

Iza&George 2015Iza&George 2015 Heinen's of Downtown Cleveland

DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro Lake Erie

DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro Miller Nature Preserve - Lorain County Metro Parks

DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro Schoepfle Garden

DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro The Cultural Gardens

DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro Olmsted Falls East River Park

DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro Progressive Field Cleveland Indians

Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

DanielPhotoProDanielPhotoProDanielPhotoPro Edgewater Park

Love at sunset on the Lake Erie shore

March 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We are blessed with one of the Great Lakes, our very own Lake Erie. Water + Sky + Sunset. The perfect combination for lovers. The palette of colors that Mother Nature creates on this background makes the most amazing photography! Book your sunset wedding today! It will be unforgettable.

Little Things Mean a Lot

March 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Just like in real life, photos of the little things often touch our hearts more than photos of the grander things. The first time someone reaches for your hand, the first time your eyes meet, the first time the little brain in your heart sends messages all over your body that something big has happened. The first laugh together, and of course, the first soft kiss! We're emotional beings so photos that stir up the remembered feelings of those simple moments become our greatest treasures. A photographer that's a romantic person whether or not his camera is around, captures the little things, the tiny moments.



Lake Erie Locations for Romantic Photos

February 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Our magnificent great lake, its rocky shoreline and fascinating cliffs create a natural and stunning background for engagement and wedding photos.  The lake and its shore are millions of years old so that in photos the continuity of nature supports the ideal of endless love. Sunset photos are fabulous for the play of color and light. The grand expanse of the water itself is a magnificent background as well.  Photos shot on a rocky shore against cliffs made of layers of different stone add interesting textures to a photo, particularly with the softness of a wedding gown paired with the character of the stone.


Lake Erie Engagement Lake Erie love at sunset

Pop the Color!

January 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The color trend of 2018 is black and white with a splash of lavender or other bright color.  On this neutral background of black and white, intense colors used very carefully will make your actual wedding and your photography a feast for the senses.

Many studies have proven that the human eye is drawn to an intense color in a sea of lighter colors. If you want your photos to have a "wow" factor that will never fade, plan to have some items that will provide the color pop!  Don't overdo it though. You don't want color pops clashing with each other in one photo. 

For example, the bridesmaids' dresses and flowers could be in neutral colors while the bride's bouquet is vibrant with color. Centerpieces could also provide the pop.  The key is to think it through carefully and work with your photographer in advance so your photos will be spectacular and uncluttered.




How to Infuse Your Wedding with Creativity

January 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

With more cold months looming ahead, how can you make the most of your wedding planning time? The first rule of a super successful wedding is... drum roll please...don't procrastinate! Take this slower time to meet with your photographer and other key professionals that you're considering. The winter months are typically slow for wedding vendors which makes it the ideal time to sit down with them and collaborate creatively. Photographers, especially Daniel of Daniel Photo Pro, find their greatest joy and passion in the creative aspect of the photography business. When you take the time to explore your wedding ideas and dreams with your photographer and are open to concepts you've never thought of, you'll be amazed at the magic that happens. Authentic creativity cannot be hurried. It's the element that will make your wedding pictures a never ending joy.     



Michaud Bridal Show Next Saturday!

December 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Join us for a day of Wedding Creativity at the Michaud show next Saturday!

January 6, 2018 10 a.m. in Strongsville

Michaud Bridal Show

16808 Pearl Road
Strongsville, OH 44136

 (440) 238-7078

Be one of the first 200 to arrive and get a Goody Bag which includes Daniel Photo Pro’s high value gift.

This is our third year participating in this terrific show which is full of great vendors and ideas for every aspect of the wedding experience. 

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Michaud Bridal Show Invitation

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You're Invited to the Michaud Bridal Show!

Saturday, January 6, 2018 10 a.m. in Strongsville


Wedding Plans in 2018? Visit the Daniel Photo Pro booth at the Michaud bridal show on January 6 in Strongsville.

This is our third year participating in this terrific show which is full of great vendors and ideas for every aspect of the wedding experience.  It’s on Saturday, January 6.  Be one of the first 200 to arrive and get a goody bag which includes Daniel Photo Pro’s special gift. We hope to see you there!

Michaud Bridal Show

16808 Pearl Road
Strongsville, OH 44136

Phone: (440) 238-7078

Kids Add Spontaneous Joy to Weddings

October 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Kids Add Spontaneous Joy to Weddings

The photography of a happy wedding often reveals that children add a wonderful dimension to the event. Attention can be paid to every detail in planning including what the kids wear, but fortunately, kids are kids, and they bring a spontaneous joy to the occasion which comes through in the photography.  Even very young children sense that weddings are special because they’re a blending of families. To a child, family is everything. If the bride and groom can relax and enjoy the children at the wedding, they’ll have photos they’ll love to share. The more kids, the merrier. 


Lighting, Shadow, Mystery – the Secret of Creating Glamour

September 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Lighting, Shadow, Mystery – the Secret of Creating Glamour

Why do certain pictures appear to have a mysterious timelessness to them while others capture a particular moment in time? One of a creative photographer’s tools is the use of shadows to add depth and the quality of mystery. Having a large space around the subject is another way to add the mystical depth that makes the photo look timeless. Typically, the result of manipulating light, shadow and space well results in a glamorous look that is very appealing and often amazing.

Once again, planning ahead and leaving time for experimenting with light and shadow is so very important in creating photographs that you’ll want to frame because they have an artistic quality.  Brides normally spend the majority of their time planning the details of the wedding but allow little time for creative photography. In the end, however, it’s the photos that last forever. Allow time for the photographer to play with light and shadow!



Get Ready for the Wedding in a Beautiful Venue if You Can

September 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There’s a sweet spot for photographs in the wedding day agenda that most people don’t think about.

It’s the time after the wedding party is dressed, but before they go to the ceremony venue.

If the wedding party or at least the bride and groom get ready in an architecturally beautiful place, it’s possible to get some of the most interesting and unique photos.  Churches and other wedding venues are sometimes not the best for providing visual elements that can enhance the bride or couple, because they’re boxy or angular or the lighting is low.

Of course, the budget sometimes requires that the wedding party dress at home and those photos can be wonderful because they include familiar and treasured backgrounds.  However, if you want photos that have especially pleasing or unusual backgrounds, choose a hotel that has character and charm.

That period of time after everyone is dressed but before the wedding is usually a time when there is laughter and joy but no one is crying yet.  So makeup has not yet smudged!

Take some time and talk to your photographer not only about the people whom you want in photos, but the visual elements – architecture, gardens, water elements etc. – that you want to use.  Don’t worry if you’re not creative, your photographer is!




Manage Guests to Allow Time for Photography of Venues

September 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Manage Guests to Allow Time for Photography of Venues

You may spend a small fortune, not to mention hours of time thinking about your wedding decorations, so make sure to allow your photographer time to photograph the various spaces before the guests are present.  You’ll want photos to remember your beautifully decorated tables and all the little touches that made your wedding special and unique to your love.

Having a cocktail hour or even a half hour, will give the photographer time to photograph the reception venue before the guests begin putting purses on the table and throwing jackets over chairs.  Even if you only serve punch during the cocktail time, it will buy precious minutes for the photographer to do his magic.

In the end, it’s a simple solution that will result in priceless photos of all the little things that characterize this very special moment in your lives.


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Are Reviews Real?

August 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Are Reviews Real?

We’re proud of our reviews on Wedding Wire, which they verify before posting. The majority are written after our photos have been delivered, however, sometimes we’re fortunate enough to receive a review before delivery.  Since they’re not professional models, most couples come to the photo session with anxiety. As soon as they see that Daniel and his assistant Carmen are relaxed and ready to have some fun, the couple naturally relaxes. Photos are never better when people are stressed! Love comes shining through in laughter.

The following review came to us before the photos were delivered (although during the session, Daniel frequently shows a couple the photos he’s just taken in the camera, so it’s not like they haven’t seen anything). 

 “Did our engagement photos! I have never met a photographer with as much passion and talent! They have wonderful personalities that just make you feel so relaxed. We had an amazing time doing the shoot and LOVE their work! Highly recommend!!!”




Desserts Make Sweet Photos!

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Desserts Make Sweet Photos!

Put lots of thought into your cake and dessert foods because they may provide some of your most colorful and fun photos.  A wedding cake or some kind of dessert is one of the primary elements of a wedding. Fortunately, in this area, creativity is more important than expense. Although the professionals can create exquisite confectionery creations, try to come up with ideas that are very personal to you and your fiancé.  Whomever creates your cake, cupcakes, donuts or wedding pastries will enjoy making them more and will put more heart into them if you can tell the baker what’s meaningful and special to you. Also, tell your photographer why they're special so he can choose the right angles to show your intentions.

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