Get Ready for the Wedding in a Beautiful Venue if You Can

September 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There’s a sweet spot for photographs in the wedding day agenda that most people don’t think about.

It’s the time after the wedding party is dressed, but before they go to the ceremony venue.

If the wedding party or at least the bride and groom get ready in an architecturally beautiful place, it’s possible to get some of the most interesting and unique photos.  Churches and other wedding venues are sometimes not the best for providing visual elements that can enhance the bride or couple, because they’re boxy or angular or the lighting is low.

Of course, the budget sometimes requires that the wedding party dress at home and those photos can be wonderful because they include familiar and treasured backgrounds.  However, if you want photos that have especially pleasing or unusual backgrounds, choose a hotel that has character and charm.

That period of time after everyone is dressed but before the wedding is usually a time when there is laughter and joy but no one is crying yet.  So makeup has not yet smudged!

Take some time and talk to your photographer not only about the people whom you want in photos, but the visual elements – architecture, gardens, water elements etc. – that you want to use.  Don’t worry if you’re not creative, your photographer is!





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