I focus my photography with laser intent on finding the true spirit within each person that most reflects who they really are. Engagement and wedding photography is so rewarding to do because the whole experience is wrapped in love. Taking pictures which will preserve the incredible love present not only in the couple but also in family and friends is my passion.  I especially love doing photography which integrates the beauty of nature with the spirit of love in people.  

My most important advice to couples is be willing to take the TIME for the creative process.

Although photography is one of the costs of the engagement and wedding experience, there is one aspect of photography that makes a huge difference. It’s not money, it’s TIME. It’s the willingness of the bride and groom to take the time to let the photographer creatively experiment in the present moment with all of the elements around them.  Light, shapes, angles, color, emotion, all of these and many more are part of the creative process in the photographer’s mind. He tries one thing and then sees something else that might add another dimension to the photo. That ability comes from having taken thousands of photos over his lifetime. Patience is rewarded with photos that bring tears to the eyes because they are so uniquely you and express what is so very meaningful to you.  When it’s time for photography, take lots of deep breaths and give yourself the gift of time. This is often why the very best photos are sometimes created during the engagement session and after the wedding.

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