"We absolutely love our wedding book!  Everyone who comes to our house looks through it so we get to re-live our wedding day with them.  The photos are so sharp and vivid.  Daniel is extraordinarily good with color.  We left the composition of the book entirely up to the Daniel Photo Pro team and were thrilled with the result.  We love it because it is uniquely us; there's no ordinary wedding shots. The photos and their placement and the creative elements added truly captured our celebration and the support of our families and guests.  You can see the happiness and love on our faces.  You can feel the festiveness of our outdoor tent all lit up in the evening.  The Daniel Photo Pro team has not only the technical excellence and the passion to do great work, but also some kind of deep understanding about what photos to take and how to put them together so that you really can experience the whole event again and again. They are amazing." 

Terri & Ted Brewer, Sheffield Lake, Ohio

"I came to Daniel Photo Pro because I was told to come by a friend I trusted. He said Daniel takes fabulous photos and he was right. My friend insisted that at the photo session I put myself in Daniel’s hands and trust his every recommendation.  I did and my friend was right again.  Daniel told me to relax and smile at every shot and dream about the day and life ahead of me because he wanted to capture the heart of the event not only the pretty faces.  I recommend that everyone put their special moments in Daniel's hands."

Raluca & Vlad Popov, Parma Heights, Ohio

Daniel Photo Pro does the photography for our fashion accessories business, EverExpand Inc. Daniel does a fabulous job making our product photography pop with his vivid detail and perfection in capturing the true color of our beautiful Necklascarves.  Our models love working with him because he's easygoing.  We cannot recommend the Daniel Photo Pro team too highly.  Their photography and editing are terrific.

Sharon Fedor, EverExpand Inc 

Thank you so very much for the photos you took of my retirement party from Unity Spiritual Center.  I will have the memories of that wonderful night with me always because you captured the love and affection of my congregants in your touching photos of their faces and hugs.  Your photographs of the cake, flowers and ceremony were perfect.  May your business and your lives be blessed.

Reverend Barbara Smith, Westlake, Ohio