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Your Wedding Day is the Launch of your Married Life!

April 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Never forget that your wedding day is the beginning of your married life. It can be the launch pad of a long life of cherishing, supporting and loving each other with all of your being. Too many brides and even some grooms get so wrapped up in the details of the wedding that they forget or are too stressed, to shower their beloved with love on their wedding day.

Guests watch to see whether the bride and groom will gently feed the wedding cake to each other with joy, or cram it into each other’s mouths. It’s an omen! As a bride, our culture has convinced you that it’s all about you on this day. Of course it is…to a degree. It’s also about the memories of this day that you are creating for your new husband or wife.

  How will he or she remember this milestone day of their lives? How you treat your beloved on your wedding day is how you will treat him or her during your marriage.  Make sure the day and your actions come from the love in your heart.  You’ll see that love reflected in your wedding photography too.

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