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A Simple, Natural Approach

May 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Keep It Simple, for a More Beautiful Result

Photography is a curious thing…sometimes the stars align and all of the elements come together in a soft, natural elegance that you don’t see when looking at the person or scene in reality, but when the photos are done, there it is.

Ava chose a simple peasant dress in muted tones, soft makeup, un-fussy hair and bare feet for her photo session. This simple approach blended with the natural textures of tree trunk and grass, and tranquil light make all of the elements of the photo work together like a fine piece of art.  It’s soothing. Why is it that some of the most exquisite things in life are the simplest?

When thinking about your engagement or wedding photography, imagine what you want, and then start scaling it back, removing elements that aren’t truly necessary so that the important ones have room to glow. Light, the first element of creation, is always important, so spend some time thinking about the time of day or evening that the photos will be taken. Keep it simple and watch what happens!


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