Bride Friday Deal!

November 22, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

We've changed Black Friday to Bride Friday for You!

Black Friday is a week away but we love brides, so we’ve changed it to Bride Friday!

Below are some photos from a very recent Engagement Session. See the sheer joy in the faces of the couple. Without the pressure that’s always present on wedding day, engagement photos are lighthearted and fun. They’re a great way to create a relationship with your photographer before the big day.

Our Bride Friday deal for you or any bride-to-be that you know is a triple header:

      * Free Engagement Session

     * 20% discount on any of our wedding packages which range from $1495 to $2495

     * Free two hour Post-Wedding photo session a month after the wedding when you’re settled in your home.

To receive your Bride Friday deal, simply respond by email  before midnight on November 29, 2019.



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