What Do You Value in Your Wedding?

January 10, 2020  •  3 Comments

What Do You Value in Your Wedding?

What you value should be reflected in your planning!

What you think you value in your thoughts and what you value in your heart (when you’re honest with yourself) may not match. Since weddings take lots of time and money, it’s important to reflect on what you truly value, and to communicate your values to your photographer. When you are clear about your values, you’ll end up with photos that truly reflect you and your beloved. Wedding photography is the only thing in a wedding that will be revisited again and again over the years. Dresses go in storage, gifts get used up, but wedding photos remain treasures.

What do we mean by values? If you’re a creative person, the artistry in the photos will be a value. If you’re a “people” person, you’ll want the photos of family and friends to be an emphasis for the photographer. If you’ve dreamed your whole life of your day as a Bride, YOU may be the thing you value, and the photographer should know that. Don’t be judgmental about your values. Just be clear about them. You don’t have to tell anyone but your photographer to make sure the photos reflect what's in your heart. 

Most wedding photographers try to shoot the sequence of events at a wedding and to get photos of the family and key friends attending, and all of the traditional photos (kiss at the altar, first dance, etc.) but when we know what the bride and the groom care about most, the results are deeply satisfying.




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