Joy Explodes in a Wedding When You Take Out the Stress!bis

October 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Joy Explodes in a Wedding When You Take Out the Stress!

At most weddings, especially big ones, the element of Stress overrides the element of Joy. It’s sad because the element of Joy is what a wedding is supposed to be about! So what happens when the wedding is small, outdoors. and held on a gorgeous autumn day? The Joy explodes! This wedding, held October 10, was originally planned for 300 people, but Covid times required a change in mindset, so they decided to have a small wedding immersed in nature now rather than wait. They were rewarded with spectacular weather on their chosen day and boundless happiness. It’s remarkable how beautiful authentic smiles of joy can be on human faces. This couple is obviously madly in love with each other and open to having fun on a day when many couples are stressed out from creating a large and expensive production. The family who did attend showed their concern for others with their masks.

Typically, photoshoots of weddings are more work for photographers than joy, but at this wedding, there was so much light, love, and happiness that even we had a fabulous time!



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