Eyes Are Important in Memorable Photography

December 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Eyes Are Important for Memorable Photos

"Eyes are the window to your soul," Shakespeare wrote long ago. In our photography, we often focus on the eyes for this very reason. Eyes communicate feelings for which people have no words. The joy of finding a soulmate with which to share your life, the realization of how much your family and friends love you, the wonder of how you came to be in this place and this moment of life.

Weddings are interesting events in that the bride and groom are contemplating the big step they're taking while surrounded by all kinds of activity.  We find it's good to get them away from the buzz for some quiet moments.  Many couples, when planning their wedding photography, want dozens of photos of activities, family, and friends. However, the heart of the day and the commitment being made are often found in the contemplative photos.  Leave time in your photography schedule for reflection! After the big day is over, and you're quietly looking at your pictures, you'll be happy that you did.




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