Your Wedding Album Should Tell the Story of Your Wedding

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Your Wedding Album Should Tell the Story of Your Wedding

Photo albums by Daniel Photo Pro are not just a collection of photos. We curate the photos to tell the story of the wedding. Every wedding is a day filled with the expected and the unexpected! We photograph it all in hundreds of shots, then select 70 to 100 photos and edit them together in a way that brings the day back to life each time you review it.  Here’s a quote from a customer whose wedding we shot a few years ago. She recently contacted us about another event and included this in her email:

“I kept lots of stuff from our 2013 wedding…the dress, invitation, some decorations, photos on flash drives, video, etc..  But as the years go by, the only thing we go back to every year on our anniversary is your wonderful photo album. We get busy and never look back at the other stuff. Just your album. We re-live that wonderful day every year with your album. So thank you again for making it so special.”

Many photographers make the album mostly about the bride because she’s the one that usually drives the wedding planning and cares the most about photos. We include the best pictures of the bride and the groom, but we also take great care to tell the story of the whole family, the friends, the energy, the ambiance, and the spirit of the day. We can also include some engagement photos in the album if we do the session.

This link shows an entire wedding photo album. Take a look!




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