What the world needs now…

January 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

What the world needs now…

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love,” words from a famous song sung by the legendary Barbra Streisand. Let’s start expanding our view of love with the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Instead of focusing on our most beloved, let’s use it to send love to everyone, even those we don’t like or agree with. What could it hurt? Love is a harmonizing influence on individuals and nations.

 With Valentine’s Day a month away, there is still time to think of ways you can touch the lives of your extended family, friends, fellow workers, acquaintances, anyone who makes your life easier like delivery people, and those essential workers who soldier on during this pandemic. Love begins with higher thoughts, thinking of what you can do to ease another’s burdens. It doesn’t happen automatically, you have to create loving thoughts within yourself and consciously project them.

 Start with your kids if needed and reach out to them with whatever communication works best to make sure they feel loved.  Expand from there. Buy Valentine’s or make your own; mail them soon!  Mark your calendar to send emails or photos or any communication that is kind and loving to anyone you can. If you post online, post good, kind, happy stuff! Go Big this Valentine’s Day! Think beyond your old ideas about this holiday and send out love in a big way to everyone you can. Watch what happens! It will come back around to you in surprising ways. 

This time we're sharing some photos of family where love begins.




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