Food, Drinking & Dancing Go Together in a Wedding!

November 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Food, Drinking & Dancing Go Together in a Wedding!

If the celebration of your brand new marriage is going to go on late into the evening, remember that you must plan to feed your guests over time! The cake and pastries are important for the theme and beauty of the event (and for the photography), but partying guests need real food to sustain them. Providing food in plenty also cuts down on the alcohol costs. The more people drink without food in their stomachs, the drunker they get, and the more they drink! If you’re having a reception without a full meal, at least have plenty of healthy snacks trays so that guests can stay full as they drink and dance the night away.

Food trays that include protein, sweet potatoes, salmon, avocado, berries, oats, and even bananas are good to eat before or during drinking. Do a little research so that you balance creative snacks or theme foods, with foods that are best for eating along with drinking.  Be careful of overly salty snacks. It’s very important for people to stay hydrated while drinking alcohol so be sure to have water readily available. Keep those water pitchers full!

And brides…don’t forget to eat! If you’re too excited to eat a meal or worried you won’t fit in your dress, plan ahead for some healthy nourishment during the long day. You want to end the wedding still looking radiant from love, not alcohol!





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