Why Create a Photo Album in These Days of Phone Cameras?

December 16, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Why Create a Photo Album in These Days of Phone Cameras?

The hundreds of photos that people take of their children, crowding their phones with documentation of every event, has made the old-fashioned idea of a simple photo album more precious. Imagine that you’re a young adult and you want to look back over your childhood days. Either you scroll through hundreds of photos with none more important than another, or you hold a book in your hand with carefully selected photos that capture the spirit of your childhood without the sheer volume of photos. It’s the difference between looking at a mountain of trees of every kind, versus a singular tree in all its beauty. Phone cameras are a blessing, but curated photo albums that you can hold in your hand, allowing you to take your time thinking about each picture, are more meaningful.

Yes, photo albums take a little time and cost a little money, but they last for decades. Your photos on your phone may or may not last. Everything in technology is subject either to loss or inaccessibility. So this Christmas take a little time to select a handful of photos that are truly special and preserve them in a small album. You’ll be surprised at the wonderful gift you create.



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