Will You Remember Every Moment of Your Wedding Day?

December 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Will You Remember Every Moment of Your Wedding Day?

Science has proven that memories are interwoven with emotion. You are likely to remember the “wow” moments of your wedding day – taking your father’s hand, walking down the aisle, the “I do” words, the kiss, your entrance into the reception, the first dance, etc. There are, however, many little experiences and scenes of your wedding day that don’t feel important at the time, but later on, when you see the pictures, the meaningfulness of the moment comes back to you. In relationships with family and beloved friends that are part of your wedding day, the individual moments are sometimes far more special than the major events of the day.

At Daniel Photo Pro, we know that little moments mean a lot. There are pictures a photographer takes that are un-posed and unexpected that add a wealth of emotion and meaning to the wedding day long after it’s over. Those are the photos that capture the elusive ideas of love, friendship, pride, and joy. Let your photographer be there for everything and you’ll be surprised by the photos that become your favorites.







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