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February 26, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Love Warms a Winter Day in Garfield Park Reservation

As we inch closer to a much longed-for spring, there’s still time for the wonder of winter. Look what happens when a bright new love is added to a winter scene right here in northeast Ohio. This couple, undeterred by ice, snow, and chill, chose to have their engagement session outdoors. What a fun day it was!  Garfield Park Reservation turned out to be the perfect background for their joyful love which comes through so clearly in the photography.  The arched stone bridge and other physical structures of this background, including the natural formations of snow, ice, and a waterfall, are ideal because they add a dimension of timelessness and history to the scene. That makes the current happiness of the lovers even more apparent.  These engagement photos which capture a once-in-a-lifetime day in their lives will provide memories to warm their hearts and souls in winters to come.

We hope you enjoy these photos. Remember that although smartphones take nice photos, professional photography captures and creates memories at much greater depth and breadth. The expertise a photographer develops over the years of seeing what the camera sees makes a profound difference in quality.  Call us to book your engagement photo or wedding. Spring offers a lovely background too!

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