Location Spotlight – Schoepfle Garden

May 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Location Spotlight – Schoepfle Garden

Spring at Schoepfle Garden in Wakeman, Ohio is dazzling, a photographer’s dream! Comprising seventy-seven acres of botanical gardens and woodlands near the Vermilion River, Schoepfle Garden is the perfect place in spring and summer for the photography of lovers. The bloom of love evident on the faces of engaged couples blends with nature’s extraordinary bloom in gardens like Schoepfle.

How do spectacular places like Schoepfle Garden come to exist? They typically grow from one person’s curiosity about flowers. In this case, a man who was once a banker, and then publisher of the Elyria Chronicle, traveled to Europe and came home brimming with ideas about flowers.  The result of his passion and willingness to study botanicals is that decades later, ordinary people like us can enjoy their transcendental beauty.

We hope you enjoy the glories of Schoepfle Garden, collections of rhododendrons, roses, hosta, cannas, flowering shrubs, magnificent trees, and much more. It would be our great pleasure to photograph you and your beloved, or your family and friends in this place of love and passion.



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