How to Choose Wedding Attire for an Entire Day of Being the Star!

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How to Choose Wedding Attire for an Entire Day of Being the Star!

Brides-to-be pour-over glossy magazine pictures and internet sites featuring everything from glorious wedding dresses and shoes to jewelry, gloves, hairstyles, makeup, and the whole array of wedding paraphernalia. Dreaming is easy but just remember, you’ll want to be a vision of beauty for the whole day and evening too on your wedding day.

Comfort is an element of planning your wedding attire that brides seldom seriously consider, until the wedding day when it is too late. Your groom will most likely be wearing comfortable flat-heeled shoes while you totter on heels that show off your dress, but make walking and dancing a major feat to be accomplished. Even small weddings may mean a long day from the time you begin getting dressed until the last guest leaves. Changing clothes for the reception is an option, but many brides want to remain the star of the show until the last possible minute. Everyone wants photos on the dance floor in their dresses.

If you plan carefully, you can go all day without wilting or getting blisters. Well-planned, you’ll remember the day as being wonderful instead of hot, scratchy, and overwhelming. When you find the dress you love, use your imagination to see yourself wearing it through weather changes and all of the activities of your wedding day. Choose shoes that are wearable all day or have multiple pairs available. Break them in before the wedding. If you plan to kick them off on the dance floor, make sure you won’t trip over your dress!

Consider the weather and your comfort in makeup. We’ll have a future blog on applying makeup for optimal photography. The glossy magazine photos and Instagram shots that attract you are edited. Weddings are real-life events that require careful consideration. Years later when you look at your photos and see how comfortable and happy you were on that spectacular day, you will be glad you took the time.




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