How to Create a Wedding Cake That's You

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How to Create a Wedding Cake That's You

In wedding planning, choosing the cake is a big deal; much like the dress, it has to be uniquely you! Why is that?

Why do we have wedding cakes at all? Here’s a fun historic rundown beginning in ancient Rome. The ceremony included wheat or barley cake broken over the bride’s head for luck and fertility. The newly married couple would share a few bites as well. The English took on the bread idea and in medieval times started stacking buns and scones, and even cookies as high as possible (that’s where the tiered idea originated). In olden times the couple was supposed to lean over the cake and kiss without toppling it! (What happened when it did topple? Yikes!)

Then those wonderful French took up the idea and cakes became confectionary. Yum! Full of sugar the way we love them today. There’s a lot more to the story but the idea of cakes being a major element in a wedding goes back millennia.

Tiered cakes, the higher the better, work well with wedding photography as you can see in the photos. Cakes that shimmer and shine or are artistic in other ways make memorable photographs. Gold, silver and red are vibrant colors for cakes and are always romantic.

If your budget is tight, have a small tiered cake for the photos, and a big sheet cake for the guests. Just remember, the cake is far more important to you and your beloved than it is to the guests, so choose a design you love. Don’t forget to save a piece in the freezer for that first anniversary!








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