It’s Your Time! Shine Among Your Loved Ones

August 05, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

It’s Your Time! Shine Among Your Loved Ones

Brides do crazy things when preparing for their wedding day…like not eating the day or two before the wedding. That can result in the bride’s brain not working when she needs it most or feeling faint. Grooms party too much at bachelor parties with hangovers that are still present on the big day. Don’t do those or other unhealthy things! Remember, your wedding day is the day for your most radiant self to shine. Your joy and happiness should be like a glorious sunrise over the crowd of loved ones who have gathered to support you. There may have been millions of weddings in the history of mankind, but this one is YOURS. Prepare to be your most beautiful self on the outside in your wedding clothes, but more importantly, on the inside in your heart where love resides. When you look back at your wedding photos on your first anniversary, we want you to look with pride on how brightly your inner and outer light shone on that day. 



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