How to Communicate with your Photographer

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How to Communicate with your Photographer

Wedding planning involves research and a mass of choices to be made. Most brides-to-be plan their weddings while trying to maintain jobs and normal life which are already hectic. They have long lists to check off as they choose venues and vendors. To make it worse, there’s the stress of the impending deadline.  When it comes to the selection of a photographer though – brides need to PAUSE, take a breath, and think about what they want the photography to express about their special day, their relationship, and their personalities. Do they want photography that simply documents the event, creative photography that conveys the spirit of the relationship, or photography that focuses on something particular like family.

Most brides, in their rush to make progress on their check-off lists, begin their communication with potential photographers asking about price. Remember though, that wedding photography is one of the only things from a wedding that lasts for years. Flowers, cakes, table settings, decorations, etc., all end with the wedding. The wedding dress may be carefully saved, but the photos are the one thing that a couple will go back to over and over during their marriage.  

Before you email a dozen photographers asking about availability and price, think about what you want.I f the photographer is available on your date, begin a conversation with the photographer more consciously. Most brides text or email “send me more details” leaving the photographer to wonder what details they want? At DanielPhotoPro, we welcome emails and phone calls just to explore ideas about the photography.

Talking things over early in the process will work to your advantage. At DanielPhotoPro, we’re more likely to throw in a free engagement session or other free item when we’ve developed a relationship with the bride and groom, by talking back and forth about what they want. Our mission is for the happy couple to be ecstatic about their photos.  Most photographers can work with a bride’s budget, but most brides set a budget with no thought of what they actually want! Contact us for easy conversation and we will help you think through your photography so that it will make you smile years from now.



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