Choose Decorative Items with Photography in Mind

September 27, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Choose Decorative Items with Photography in Mind

Wedding planning can be so much fun, especially when it comes to choosing the decorative items that add your very personal style to the event. Every single wedding is unique. Even if it is held in a venue used only for weddings, every wedding is different because every bride and groom has unique tastes and style. Often brides try to make the event perfect, but that makes it stressful. It’s more important that the wedding style be you. Having a wedding that’s reflective of your personal style is more enjoyable for the guests too. They get to know you and your beloved better.

Every wedding has to have the basics – clothes, tables, chairs, flowers, cake, etc., so it is in choosing the small decorative items, or having the photographer add flair in the way he shoots the items, that can result in photos that become such treasured memories. There is an old saying that still rings true  “little things mean a lot”. So when you choose the decorative items for your wedding or engagement party, consider how each one might look in an individual photograph.  Here are some examples from a recent Daniel Photo Pro wedding.



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