Location Spotlight – Holden Arboretum

September 07, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Choose an Outdoor Setting that Fits Your Style

At Daniel Photo Pro, we encourage couples to consider natural settings for engagement and wedding photography whenever possible, because everyone looks better and happier outdoors.  However, there are two major differences to consider in choosing a location. There are planned and curated outdoor settings like formal rose gardens and venues created for photography, or there are outdoor settings designed by Mother Nature. Both are good because of the availability of natural light, but couples should consider which type reflects their personal style.

Couples who love the outdoors and adventure, might prefer outdoor settings that are simply natural. These can be great for engagement photos, but with weddings, you do have to keep in mind that guests must to be able to walk to the setting easily.  Couples who are more inclined toward urban sophistication, might prefer more formal outdoor settings.

Places like Holden Arboretum in Kirtland offer both types. For engagement photos, there are wonderful places for original photography in every season. See our recent photos below. For weddings, there are Garden locations that the Arboretum rents. If you’re getting married in the spring or summer, consider engagement photos at Holden right away. Fall is here!







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