What Men Want in Their Weddings?

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What Do Men Want In Their Weddings?

Weddings are all about the brides - right? No! The bride is half of the couple. The other half, the groom, has dreams and wishes for this big event in his life too. Many grooms, however, feel overwhelmed by the exuberance with which their brides-to-be (and her mother and grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends) approach the wedding planning. So, the grooms back off. “Just tell me where to stand,” grooms have been heard to say.

Many grooms believe the brides and their entourages make everything so complicated, and care so much about the tiny details of things like table settings, that the big picture is overwhelmed by the details. To the groom, the big picture, is a day full of friends and family that have joined together to celebrate the couple starting a new life together. The bride typically sees an entire day where everything, including herself, has to be perfect.

So what do grooms want? They want the bride to relax and let go of the perfectionism that created “bridezillas”. They want their beloved to enjoy the day and to realize that she is already just what he wanted.  Many brides-to-be are so influenced by the concept of over the top Instagram photos that they forget the day is all about love. Men want women to let go of perfection, and to enjoy themselves.

By the way, the photography that comes from a day where the bride and groom are focused on each other and are joyful, rather than stressed, always results in more wonderful photography.




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