Prints: the Difference between Phone & Photographer Photos.

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Prints: the Difference between Phone & Photographer Photos.

          In an effort to save money, engaged couples sometimes plan to take wedding photos with their phones or to have their friends and family take photos. That works if you want to look at your wedding only on your phone for the rest of your life. However, technology changes rapidly and you may not be able to access them on future phones. Prints of your wedding, if only a few great ones, are timeless treasures.

          Phone photos are stored in a size optimized for appearance on a phone or tablet, but they are vastly smaller in pixel-size than a professional photo. Many couples are not only disappointed, but shocked, at the loss of quality when they try to make prints or photo albums from the small pixel photos. If you make an 8x10 print of a phone photo and compare it to one made from a professional photo, you see that the detail, clarity, color and depth are greatly diminished. The phone photos almost always look washed out when printed.

          At Daniel Photo Pro, some of our brides and grooms want phone photos integrated into their wedding albums with our professional photos. It is not possible to integrate them and to maintain the high quality of the images. We often keep in contact with wedded couples we’ve worked with because they come back for anniversaries and christenings. We’ve been told that as the years go by, they rarely look back at wedding photos on their phones or computers, but the printed ones they’ve framed and especially the hardcover Photo Books we’ve created are what they look at often or keep displayed.



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