How Do Documentary Style and Artistic Style Differ in Wedding Photography?

February 21, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

How Do Documentary Style and Artistic Style Differ

in Wedding Photography?


          Most wedding photographers do sequential shots that show each phase of the wedding from start to finish. That’s “documentary” style. The good ones also try to bring an artistic touch to as many shots as possible while they’re doing the sequential photography. It’s helpful if a bride and groom think in advance about the kind of photography that’s meaningful to them. Is the event itself super important, or are creative shots that capture the spirit of their love more important? If the couple values art and creative images in their everyday lives, they’re likely to want it in their wedding photography. If they primarily value relationships, the sequential photos that make sure every participant and specific groups of people are photographed, is foremost.

         Our experience shows us that most couples do not take enough time to think about the photography until after the wedding. Then they realize how important it is now that the event is over and all they have for years to come are the photos! 

         It takes TIME to do the extra shots that have an artistic touch, so if the wedding couple can allow the photographer a little extra time in each phase of the wedding to be creative, the end product will be richer than they imagined.

         Daniel Photo Pro strives to add artistry, creativity and uniqueness to as many shots as possible.  It’s what makes doing photography a joyful experience. He also strives to create a wealth of photos from a wedding that will thrill the bride and groom giving them more than they knew they wanted.



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