Covid19 Affecting Your Wedding Plans? Here’s an Idea!

May 12, 2020  •  1 Comment

Covid19 Affecting Your Wedding Plans?  Here’s an Idea!

      What will weddings be like for the rest of the year? Postponed? Smaller? Set aside?

Daniel Photo Pro offers a way to have your wedding and still have family members or friends who can’t attend be part of the memories. Our wedding books can incorporate your existing photos of family or friends that can’t attend into your new wedding album. For example, after we photograph your wedding, however small it might be, you can send us photos of those who could not attend and we will artfully edit them into your wedding album. In the end, you’ll have those all-important bride and groom photos but also a book that is inclusive of all those you wanted to involve.

Our editing staff is skilled at integrating the old with the new and maintaining a coherent album that tells your story.

Even if your wedding is very small, we’ll take amazing photos and if you wish, integrate some of your own so that it’s a shared experience. 





Hasibur Joy(non-registered)
This is a wonderful idea. In this difficult time, we are not able to perform the wedding ceremony grandly so many people will not be able to place in our wedding album but through editing, we can make this impossible possible.
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