Fall is Full of Creative Opportunities for Weddings

September 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Fall is Full of Creative Opportunities for Weddings

Whoever decided that June is the perfect month for weddings must not have been a Lover of Autumn. Nature is so wonderfully generous with color, texture, depth, and just plain beauty in the fall. It’s the traditional time of harvest, the time when the light changes throughout the day, when leaves become most breathtaking. Everyone in the wedding photos will have the advantage of natural fall lighting, that golden glow that makes people look healthy. A fall or even an early winter wedding outdoors can be more beautiful and less expensive by inviting nature into the planning. In the fall, you can let the colors of your wedding décor or theme come from nature, and stay neutral with wedding attire.

If you want to be married this fall, take a drive through the country (Amish country is especially lovely this time of year in Ohio) and be inspired by nature. You don’t have to buy artificial flowers, plants, grasses or anything fake at all for your wedding if you go to nature. Plus everything you choose will go back to the earth when it’s been used. Even amid the pandemic and all of the discouraging news, nature will still provide the perfect wedding if you let her. Being in love makes all the colors of the world brighter so use this season to allow your imagination to flourish.





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