2020 Wedding Hot Trend - Wedding Wall Art!

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2020 Wedding Hot Trend - Wedding Wall Art!


Wall décor is one of the hot trends of 2020 in the wedding world. It simply requires choosing a few photos to place together artfully on your wall. It’s often a good idea to choose groups in odd numbers, three, five or seven, just like you do when creating settings of plants. The theme of the wall décor can be many different things; they just have to show some coherence so they convey harmony to the viewer. As you look through all of your photos, see if a theme emerges of a few photos that might work together.  It can be just the groom, or just the bride, or the wedding dress, or family members laughing, children, or looks of love. When you’ve chosen the group of photos that you want to use for your wall art, decide how to have them printed in sizes that will work together so that you end up with a big rectangle or square. 

In the past, couples would have one big photo - their “official” wedding photo - and blow it up to a big size. The wedding wall art of today is more creative. It works very well when you choose photos of faces that express a deep emotion or show how the person is deep in thought about this momentous occasion.

If you have ideas about creating a work of wedding wall art before the wedding, talk to your photographer about the theme. He or she can then watch for opportunities to shoot photos of that theme.















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