Finding Happiness When Covid-19 Spoils Your Plans and Visions

September 11, 2020  •  1 Comment

Finding Happiness When Covid-19

Spoils Your Plans and Visions

If your engagement, wedding, and travel plans, or simply your plans to start a new life have been dimmed by the pandemic, be sure to feel the disappointment – for a short while! The more important allowing, however, is for your natural happiness to bubble up from within you where it hides. It takes more energy to allow happiness than it does to wallow in disappointment. Allowing happiness happens when you accept what you can’t do about your plans and start looking at what’s possible. Think outside your pre-pandemic brain for new ways to approach manifesting your dream engagement, wedding, or honeymoon!

First of all, try to be open to the idea that in the end, different may turn out to be better. Since the pandemic, thousands of couples around the country have still gotten married. The remarkable thing is that many found they had more ingenuity and creativity in planning their events than they thought they had. So, if you’re in the midst of trying to plan your future and you run into pandemic-related roadblocks, try taking some time to release the disappointment and hassle, and then allow your natural happiness to return. Happiness will fuel your creative juices and you will be surprised at how you will begin to see possibilities where the obstacles stood.

The first recorded evidence of a marriage ceremony uniting one man and one woman dates to 2350 BC! That’s well over four thousand years ago.  You don’t have to study world history to know that a lot of bad things like plagues and pandemics have come and gone, yet wedding ceremonies have gotten more popular than ever. As the song says, don’t worry, be happy…and start planning!




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Well said and it was a great capture. Be happy and stay happy ☺
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