Flowers & Plants - how to have a beautiful wedding on a tight budget

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Flowers & Plants - How to Have a Beautiful Wedding on a Tight Budget
Let Nature Help You!

The costs mount up fast when you’re planning a wedding.  These days most people are scaling back costs, but not dreams! Dreams can be adapted to a tighter budget by letting the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature help you curate a wedding and reception venue with color and creativity. Making flowers and plants your primary elements doesn’t mean your florist bill has to be huge.  It will take a little work and planning, and perhaps yard sale hunting for pots, vases. and containers, but the possibilities are unlimited if you’re willing to do the work. 

If your wedding and reception are in the distant future, you can begin now by planting seeds or starter plants inside your home so that by the time the wedding arrives you’ll have some of the flowers or plants you want.  Don’t have a green thumb, time, or inclination to do that?  Then get to know the nature around you, in neighbors’ yards, parks, or any natural place. Look deeper to see what you love. Let people know your plans. You would be surprised at how gardeners you barely know would love to contribute plants and flowers to your wedding effort. It doesn’t have to be color coordinated and matched. In these pandemic times, we all have to stretch our imaginations and think outside the wedding magazines.  The great thing about learning about flowers and plants as you create the elements of your wedding is that you’ll be able to brighten the life and home you’re creating with your new spouse.

Enjoy this nature photography we’ve accumulated over the years. Daniel’s photography of nature in natural light is glorious.








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