What an Outdoor Venue Adds to the Wedding Experience

October 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

What an Outdoor Venue Adds to the Wedding Experience

Let’s face it, the coronavirus pandemic has changed just about everything, including the willingness of people to attend weddings. Older people, in particular, the grand and great-grandparents that are so much a part of the family experience, want to feel safe. One of the best ways to protect your loved ones is to make a commitment to an outdoor wedding.  Fortunately, they are very much in vogue now because adding Nature to your wedding ambiance is nurturing to everyone. To many engaged couples, it sounds more expensive to create an outdoor wedding but if you’re willing to spend time checking out possible locations, and you can think beyond the vision of your indoor wedding, it’s possible to do it economically.

An outdoor venue adds so many elements to a wedding. First and foremost is Light! In natural light, people are more relaxed which is reflected in wedding photography. Birds, breezes, and even chattering squirrels can be pleasant.  (Be careful that the sound of cars is far enough away from the ceremony site that it doesn’t interfere.) The seating is often more comfortable than in a church pew, and chairs can be more easily moved if needed. Plus, if you pick a beautiful place, Mother Nature herself provides a lot of the décor.

Some event venues have outdoor pavilions or areas that can accommodate a crowd, but these can be more expensive. Northeast Ohio is blessed with many parks, rivers, lakes (including a very large one!) where weddings can be held. Dazzling spring, summer, and fall outdoor weddings are possible here.  



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