What is Your Wedding Photography Style?

October 21, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

What is Your Wedding Photography Style?

Couples planning a wedding know they’ll need a photographer and usually want to book one and check it off their long list! Before beginning the search, it’s helpful if couples have a chat about what kind of photos they find most appealing. If the bride leans toward drama and the groom toward candid, it’s best to come to a compromise first or find a different style that you both agree upon. At Daniel Photo Pro, we strive to provide a variety of photos that capture the entire event and the emotion. It is helpful, however, to know what style of photography blends with the couples’ personal style. Here are several ideas about types of photography to start a conversation.  This list will also increase your awareness of photography styles when you’re looking through magazines or at photos online.

  • Artistic
  • Candid
  • Documentary
  • Dramatic
  • Drone
  • Modern
  • Photojournalistic
  • Traditional 





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