How to Have a Wedding that’s Authentically You

February 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

How to Have a Wedding that’s Authentically You

You could almost call it a tradition in America…a woman becomes engaged and starts to create a wedding experience. First, she gathers magazines, the thick costly ones with hundreds of pages, to get ideas. A better way is to sit quietly with yourself and find ideas within yourself. Only you knows you!  Only you and your beloved know what your relationship means and how you want to share it with your world.  Most women underestimate their own creativity and ingenuity. Those thick magazines and Instagram posts about wedding stuff are all meant to sell you things.  Find out what’s meaningful to you before you start buying.

For example, if you and your fiancé love Cleveland and spend your happy hours together doing the things that make Cleveland special, focus your wedding theme on that. If you love nature, use that, or if you love partying, create an event that captures the fun you love to make happen. When people get engaged, they’re all excited and immediately begin thinking about how they’re going to schedule everything, notify everyone and book vendors.  Put the brakes on! It’s best to get clear about what you want. Brides typically take the lead, but the long term marriage will be better if they include the groom from the very beginning. Grooms have dreams too! Movies and commercials have told us for decades that weddings are all about the bride having her special day, but in truth, it should be about the couple, defining their commitment and celebrating their own unique love.

So if you’re getting engaged, or have just gotten engaged, spend a weekend pondering what you both want, how you want to feel after the wedding is over and you’re looking at your photos. Having done that, book your date, and of course…your photographer:)




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