What is the Reality of Love?

January 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

What is the Reality of Love?

Is Love magic?  Or do we just wish it was? A strong case may be made for believing that Love is magical. Here it is: Love can change a person’s mind and heart, sometimes in an instant. An instant! One person reaches for another’s hand, or just touches a finger, for the very first time. Emotion flows quietly through each person as both realize the significance of that act of vulnerability. Time stops. Everything changes. Possibility is born.

Love makes its presence known over and over in the lives of humans. It is the single experience that cannot be invented or fabricated. For humans, Love is the reason humanity keeps going. It just appears, seemingly out of nowhere.  In some of the photos we’ve shared below, we looked for a heart, the universal symbol of love, but in others, we noticed it later during editing. That’s the magic of Love in reality. It just is.






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