Secrets of the Wedding Reception Table

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Secrets of the Wedding Reception Table

Most couples planning their wedding feel an inner urge to offer their guests a wonderful dining experience at the reception. It feels like the payoff for the support of family and friends through the long engagement/wedding process.  Be aware, however, that the dining experience can be the place where the expense begins small but quickly escalates into the stratosphere! It’s also the part of wedding planning that can be most contentious for the bride and groom.  The bride often has a vision of the reception tables created in her mind before any costs were determined, and the groom doesn’t see the importance of it all.

Wedding planning, especially with a tight budget, is so difficult for couples because they have no or little experience.  That makes some want to outsource it all, and that can be a fast way to make a wedding very expensive.  The secret of wedding table decoration is to start as simply as you can, being aware that every item you add for décor, also adds to the price. There's a myriad of ways you can have tables you love while holding down expenses, so explore different approaches before purchasing anything. 

For example, renting napkins might be five times as expensive as making your own from discounted fabric.  Using wildflowers may be far cheaper than florist flowers. Making the cake table glorious and the dining tables very simple can still be beautiful but less costly. The main secret is to take your time and practice restraint in creating your perfect reception. Whatever you come up with will be fine. In reality, the payoff for the guests of being part of a wedding is simply JOY and the realization that a new family is beginning and Life goes on. Photographing that pure joy is the bonus for the photographer and what makes wedding photography so much fun.




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