The Eye of the Photographer Sees a Deeper Picture

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The Eye of the Photographer Sees a Deeper Picture

It is the rare woman who can look in the mirror and see her own beauty, in part because beauty hides from eyes that are conditioned to see what’s wrong rather than what’s right. Thankfully, on engagement and wedding days, the creative eye of an experienced photographer sees a woman’s inner beauty that radiates from the love and happiness in her heart. In the hands of an excellent photographer, a bride’s broad smile and shining eyes transform her like no amount of makeup ever can. In her preparations for the big event, brides work so diligently on their outsides, but the photographer sees deeper and that is why wedding photos are so treasured.

Although posed pictures are important to record a meaningful event like a wedding for posterity, the dozens of photos captured when the engaged or newly married couple are celebrating with guests often reveal the true story. That is the story of the boundless love shared among the whole group. Unlike the bride and groom who perceive that the most important parts of the wedding are the actual events they’ve prepared, the photographer knows the relationships are where the magic lies.

Daniel of Daniel Photo Pro through his photographic lens sees with artistry that typical wedding photographers don’t have. He sees the event in its wholeness, and in its potential for bringing enduring happiness to an expanded family.  Plus, when Daniel photographs a bride, she always looks beautiful in the finished photos!



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