Re-marrying? Tips on Weddings for the Previously Married

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Wedding Tips for the Previously Married

Many people who have lost a spouse for one reason or another, don’t think they’ll want an official wedding if they find new love.  However, Love, as the poem Desiderata says, “is as perennial as the grass”.  It comes around again when least expected. What also comes around is the desire to share the joy of a new union with friends and family, so most couples end up planning a wedding though it may be smaller or more intimate than what they had the first time.

For a couple who has been married before, the elements of the wedding are often quite different than first-time brides and grooms. First-timers focus on the theme, decorations, and how the wedding and reception will appear on social media.  Second or third-timers, tend to lean toward making the wedding comfortable for family and friends, a blending that may include people from families of a previous spouse. Yet the desire to make their wedding a reflection of who they are, what they care about, and how they want to be perceived, is strong in a couple who dare to risk marriage again.  Plus, creating a wedding event is fun!  The second wedding can be even more fun than the first because experience lessens the stress.

If you’re re-marrying, don’t be shy about creating a wedding event that will make you smile when you’re looking at the photos years later. Do think carefully about making the event easy for others, especially the elderly (don’t forget they may have hearing issues and they want to hear those vows!), but make it your own unique event.  Love and marriage are as perennial as the grass, so surrender your fears and create a day you’ll treasure.  We’ll be there to photograph it for posterity!




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