It’s Wedding Season! Spring into Action to Create Your Ideal Wedding

April 16, 2021  •  1 Comment

It’s Wedding Season!

Spring into Action to Create Your Ideal Wedding

As the U.S. slowly opens up again, thanks to the ever-increasing number of vaccinations, lovers everywhere are thinking about engagements and weddings. Except for the birth of children, weddings are the most splendid way of spreading excitement, happiness, joy, and LOVE! Weddings are a message to the world that no darkness lasts forever; love always triumphs.

If you’re good at organizing, you may not need this, but if you’re good at procrastinating about things you’re not experienced with, this one’s for you!  

The pandemic has produced a huge backlog of weddings. The best of the following will be booked quickly.

Key Things to Do Now:

  • Choose a date - check with the people you most want to attend before setting it
  • Choose a venue
  • Choose a photographer
  • Choose an officiant
  • Choose a caterer
  • Choose musicians

After these are booked, then you can start on the fun parts, like what to wear, table settings, themes, and parties. Congratulations!




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