The Breathtaking Quality of a Sunset Sky

June 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The Breathtaking Quality of a Sunset Sky

Why do people the world over gather in the evening to experience sunset together? Because it’s the most magical, mysterious moment of the day!  Sunrise is sweet and hopeful, the awakening of a new day, but Sunset can be dramatic and that’s why photographers and lovers flock to photograph it. Nothing says passion like a loving couple posing in the glowing embers of a sunset.

The other wonder of an evening spent taking engagement or wedding photography at sunset is the variety of backgrounds that appear over a short time. The photo at the pivotal moment of sunset may be red hot, but later, the afterglow of the dispersing colors across the sky creates a very different palette and mood.

Yes, it can be difficult to arrange your photography on a day when the setting sun and the clouds will cooperate. It’s not always possible, but very often the result of the extra effort is well worth it. No amount of money can create the artistry the setting sun can make. More importantly, like your love, it’s real. The two of you and that evening sky are absolutely unique in all of Time.



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