Romance, Elegance, Timelessness – Think Black & White!

June 18, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Romance, Elegance, Timelessness – Think Black & White!

Do you want wedding photos that evoke Romance, Elegance, and Timelessness in the mind of the viewer? If so, choose the Black & White version of photos and these qualities invariably appear. Photography in Black & White, especially when the viewer is expecting color, typically causes the viewer to pause. The brain says…ah, this is different than what I expected. We live in a color-filled world so when color suddenly disappears, yet we still have the familiar shapes, the photo becomes intriguing.

No one quite knows whether this response to the B&W photos is because that’s all that was available in early photography, thus they seem old, or because in the absence of color, light and shadow add a deeper dimension.  

Black & White photos add mystery and artistic quality to photos as well. A good photographer loves to play with the light and shadow that adds depth. If you love the B&W look, let your photographer know in advance. Enjoy these samples of Daniel Photo Pro images and pause to think of the qualities they evoke in you.




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