When the Garden is the Heart of the Wedding Photography

June 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When the Garden is the Heart of Your Wedding Photography

Flowers have always been integral to weddings, from ancient times when a bride carried a bouquet to make her smell good, to modern weddings with towering vases of flowers created by floral artists. Some brides choose outdoor weddings that incorporate Nature into the theme. However, for a truly splendid setting, a well-kept, sculpted botanical garden is incomparable. Here you find outdoor natural beauty made even grander by professional landscape designers and artists.

The Cleveland Botanical Garden has been nurtured since its inception in 1930. It is now integrated with the famed Holden Arboretum. With nearly 200 years of tender care, the Garden has developed into an extraordinary place for wedding photos.  With generations of love poured into its care, no wonder the Cleveland Botanical Garden exudes LOVE!




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