How to Choose Your Wedding Colors. Forget the Trends – Make it You!

July 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors. Forget the Trends – Make It You!

What happens when you let the colors of your imagination run free?  This is what happens…the colors that make your heart fill up with emotion also begin to glow in your mind. Life overflows with wonderful colors. Think about it. Does Lavender make you feel beautiful?  Does Orange fill you with a zest for living? Does Red remind you of your passionate side?  Does White emanate romance?  Does Turquoise bring on your peaceful, happy place? Does Yellow make you want to jump for joy?

Your wedding is one of the most important times in your life when you can use the colors that you LOVE to set the stage for your new life. Just like walking into a colorful home gives you a sense of the owner’s personality, your chosen wedding colors vividly say who you are and what brings you happiness.

There are many design elements used in wedding decorations. Whether you have a wedding planner, a friend helping you, or are doing your own planning, the choice of color must be yours. Color will play a big part in your wedding photography and your guests’ emotional experience of the wedding, so create it with the color or colors that are YOU!





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