How to Add the Magic of Water to Your Wedding Experience

July 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

How to Add the Magic of Water to Your Wedding Experience

In northeast Ohio, we are blessed with one of the Great Lakes, our own Lake Erie. There are also many inland lakes and even ponds and streams in the Metroparks that can be ideal backgrounds for engagement and wedding photography. Being married near a body of water adds an element of timelessness to a wedding. Lake Erie has looked like it does now for ten thousand years. That’s 400 generations of humans! Even with the long history of our lake, your engagement or wedding photos on Lake Erie will be unique. The sky and the sunset are different every hour of every day.

Sunset photography is almost always exquisite because you have the backdrop of the huge lake and the huge sky.  The palette of colors that Mother Nature creates on this background makes the most amazing photography especially when they surround a couple who are deeply in love. If you want a smaller, easier to access body of water, take some time to visit the parks and wooded areas, where they may be found. We also have many Location Spotlights in our list of blogs which with water features.




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