How to Let Your Creativity Flow for Your Wedding

August 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

How to Let Your Creativity Flow for Your Wedding

One of the pleasures of being a wedding photographer is seeing the unusual ways in which each couple creates their authentic experience.  The basics are often the same - ceremony, reception, family photography, etc. It's the little things that make lasting memories and memorable photos.  Creating decorations, gifts, little flourishes that capture your personalities and the various aspects of your relationship can be fun. Although most brides (and some grooms) want their weddings to make an impression, in the long run, it’s more important that they create memories for themselves. Creativity doesn't have to be costly.  Simple, natural things put together can give your guests a memory of what you and the day are all about. If you don’t think you’re naturally “creative”, forget the word and just find decorations, flowers, colors, and other things that you like




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