Red is for Romance, Love and Passion!

August 13, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Red is for Romance, Love & Passion!

If you want a wedding look that’s jazzy and energetic, incorporate the color red into your palette. Don’t overdo it though. Red is a powerful color. Like fireworks, it needs to be used cautiously!

All through history, red has been associated with deep longing, energy, sexuality and joy, the intense emotions in life.

Red is also associated with the ideals of courage and strength, two traits needed for a long and successful marriage!

Daniel says that “even a touch of red in a photo compels the viewer to look more deeply at the image”.

There are many elements that are critical for creating great images like shape, shadow and balance. Color is a big one. As you create the decorative elements for your wedding, take the time to look with a critical eye at your creations and imagine what they’ll look like in a photo. Weddings are short, photos are forever! 




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