Kids Add Spontaneous Joy to Weddings

August 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Kids Add Spontaneous Joy to Weddings

In the not too distant past, children were always part of weddings. Some couples today want kid-free weddings and receptions and that’s okay. If the wedding theme is sophisticated, and carefully curated, kids can mess it up. However, in most cases, children add a wonderful dimension to the event. Babies and kids are a clear sign that life is meant to go on and on.

Communication is key to having kids actually in a wedding or just attending. Talk with the parents to let them know that you want the kids to be present, but also give the parents your expectations of kid behavior. Parents differ wildly in the behavior they allow. Just talk to them before the event so they understand what you want on your wedding day, and you understand the needs of their kids. Don’t be too rigid though, kids are kids, and they bring a spontaneous joy to the occasion which comes through in the photography. 

Even very young children sense that weddings are special because they’re a blending of families. To a child, family is everything. If the bride and groom can relax and enjoy the children at the wedding, they’ll have photos they’ll love to share. The more kids, the merrier. 



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