Why Schedule Your Engagement Photo Around Valentine’s Day?

January 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Why Schedule Your Engagement Photo Around Valentine’s Day?


If there was ever a year that humanity needed to focus on love, this is it! What the world needs now is love, love, love! Are you engaged?  If so, preserve this time of new love in your life with engagement photos that will keep the experience alive in your memories forever. Becoming engaged is truly an important life experience. It declares that regardless of world conditions, you and your fiancé believe in the transcendent power of love. Life is better together. Marriage is good. Family is wonderful.

If you would like photos celebrating your engagement with a Valentine’s Day theme, reach out to Daniel Photo Pro as soon as possible. If you plan to become engaged on or around Valentine’s Day, call today to schedule your free engagement photo. We offer free engagement sessions because it’s a time for you to experience working with us and to see the results. Plus, it’s fun to do photography at a time when everyone is more relaxed. Wedding day can be stressful for all, engagement photo sessions are joyful. Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, and Congratulations!

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