Why are Flowers a Bride’s Best Friend?

January 14, 2022  •  Leave a Comment


Why are Flowers a Bride’s Best Friend?


Flowers and plants are a bride’s best friend when it comes to decorating. They can transform an altar or an entire wedding reception space if chosen wisely with an overall plan in mind. How do flowers and plants do that? They mask the plain or dull background around them because color and interesting shapes draw the human eye toward them, so that people see and feel beauty. Flowers and plants arranged in groupings from tall to small also draw the eye and give a sense of pleasure. That’s why you can put a big green plant in a plain space and transform the room. It’s easier to turn the floral decorating over to a florist but much more expensive than doing at least part of it yourself. Plus, florists promote the flowers that are easily obtainable and that have higher profit margins. By using her own plants and those of friends, and supplementing them with fresh flowers purchased locally, a bride can create plant and flower groupings that provide just the look and feel that she wants. From a photographer’s point of view, flowers and plants are ideal for enhancing a setting. There’s usually a lot of waiting that goes on with weddings and receptions. Give your guests beautiful, colorful things to look at while they’re waiting for what everyone comes to see - the bride!






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