How to Understand the Photo-editing and Selection Process for a Wedding

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How to Understand the Photo-editing and Selection Process for a Wedding

It’s daunting that an engaged couple planning a wedding has to make some of the most important decisions of their lives about things in which they have no experience! There are no classes in high school or college about planning a wedding or being married for a lifetime. Choosing a photographer is near the top of the list of challenging decisions.  A professional photographer knows the important moments of the wedding, so you’re sure to get photos of those, however, there are other important aspects to understand.

The post-wedding editing and the actual number of photos and format you’ll receive them in is an overlooked aspect of the process. Most brides book the photographer and check it off their list with relief. That’s just the beginning. Booking the photographer should be followed by an agreement of what the deliverables will be.

Professional photographers often take hundreds or even thousands of shots at a wedding. The process of going through them and selecting the best is long and tedious. It’s also a photo editing skill that is learned only through experience. Don’t make the mistake of thinking more is better! Talk with your photographer before the wedding about what you think you want in terms of the photos taken and the editing of specific photos. If you receive 400 great photos but know that 2000 were taken, understand that the 400 are the best. Photography involves skill, talent, and experience. Successful, professional photographers will release only their best work. After all, social media allows it to be used forever so it’s important to honor the standards of professional photographers. Take the time to work with your photographer so that you know what you’ll receive before the wedding. Then on the Great Day, focus on the joy of getting married, knowing that all is well with the memories your photographer is creating.



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